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5 Examples of Time-Sensitive Email Subject Lines

We can’t discuss email marketing without discussing email subject lines. They are a critical component of a campaign’s success or failure. (And some would argue they’re the most critical component.) Below, I’ll be getting into examples of time-sensitive email subject lines. But first, here’s some helpful info: One of the best people you can follow […]

About Page Copywriting [Tips for Beginning Copywriters]

One of my favorite types of writing is “about” page copywriting. You’ve likely come across this on a brand’s website or a person’s website. Other words and phrases to describe this page include: Our Story Company Story About Me My Story You get the idea. The reason I love it so much? Because of the […]

How to Write a Creative Brief + Copywriting Brief Template

Giving your freelance copywriter a copywriting “brief” is an excellent way to make sure your project goes smoothly from the get-go. But what is a copywriting brief anyway? Who develops the copywriting brief? Why is a creative brief necessary? How to write a creative brief? Where can you find a good copywriting brief template? I’ll […]

How to Structure a Blog Post for SEO [Guide for New Writers]

Hopefully, you had a chance to read my article on blog best practices. (If not, I’ll wait. :)) Today, we’re going to discuss how to structure a blog post for SEO (search engine optimization). I recommend watching the video I recorded (embedded at the end) because I share my screen and walk you through one […]

Why is Copywriting Important?

Hello, writers! If you’ve landed here, you’re likely thinking about getting into copywriting or you’ve heard about this copywriting “thing.” And you’re probably like, What is copywriting? Why is copywriting important? So let’s discuss! (If you prefer watching/listening, check out my video at the end.) What is copywriting? I’m all about keeping things simple. At […]

Blog Editorial Calendar Template [Free for New Copywriters]

Whew! Before I get to today’s topic about blog editorial calendar templates, let’s recap the blogging topics for new copywriters that I’ve recently covered: Blogging Best Practices How to Structure a Blog Post for SEO How to Write a Compelling Blog Post How to Write a Blog Post Fast How to Conclude a Blog Post […]

How to Conclude a Blog Post [Tips for New Copywriters]

You’ve structured your client’s blog post for SEO and written a compelling article that follows blogging best practices. You’ve reached the end of your draft, wondering, NOW WHAT? It’s a good question. Because HOW to conclude a blog post is a skill, just like writing an engaging intro is. And that’s what we’re going to […]

How to Write a Compelling Blog Post [Tips for New Copywriters]

If you’re a new copywriter wondering how to write a compelling blog post, you’re not alone. First, what the heck does “compelling” even mean? You’re going to hear that word a lot as you’re learning about copywriting and content marketing. You’ll also hear the word “engaging.” Write engaging copy, they said. Write compelling copy. Write […]

How to Write a Blog Post FAST [Tips for Beginning Copywriters]

Maybe clients are (finally) knocking on your virtual door, but now you have to write two blog posts for one client, three for another, and possibly two more if the latest prospect accepts your proposal. And suddenly, you find yourself googling “how to write a blog post fast.” Trust me, I get it. You want and […]