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Customer Service Tips: Do You Treat Different Customers Differently?

Seth Godin brought up this thought-provoking question in a blog post. My answer? Yes, I treat different customers differently. I treat all customers with respect and in a professional manner. But the customers who take responsibility for their marketing and who are willing to be a partner with me in the process — those are […]

A vs. An Before an Acronym: The Pesky Rule Meant to Confuse

OK, Copy Bitch, I’ve got one for you: Is it proper to use “a” or “an” before the acronym LGBTQ? I am a firm believer that “an” should only be used before vowels, so “a” should be used prior to LGBTQ.  But everywhere I look, people are writing “an LGBTQ.” What say you? –Rob F, […]

Competitor Research: Don’t Dismiss the Nobody

I got an interesting note from a client the other day: I just got an email from Awesome Propsect that they went with another vendor. I’ve asked for feedback but suspect I won’t get much but if I do I’ll send to you.  I do know that the other two vendors I had never heard […]

Email Marketing Tip Quickie

I’ve been writing email newsletters since I’ve been in business. But for some reason, I’ve overlooked this obvious and easy email marketing tip. So I thought I’d share. Send your email newsletter TWICE in one month. The first time should be to your regular list during your regular ship date. But then schedule it to […]

How to Use Customer Testimonials: 13 Ideas

Wondering how to use customer testimonials? Here are 13 ideas. 1. On your website. Here are some ideas: Home page As scrolling text (scrolling testimonials) on the header graphic of your website On specific service or industry pages In a “Testimonials” or “Happy Customers” section 2. On the back of your business card. Don’t waste […]

20 Business Anniversary Marketing Ideas For Big Milestones

It always amazes me when companies overlook simple things, like their own birthdays. Marking major milestones, like 10, 20, or 50+ years in business, is a great way to engage customers, reinforce credibility, and garner press. In 2022, I’m celebrating 20 (!) years in business as a freelance copywriter. So in the spirit of my […]

8 Company Newsletter Ideas to Try Out

Need some company newsletter ideas? Here are eight to consider. 1. Private Sale/Private Offering. Construct a newsletter around a special sale or offering that will be available to subscribers only. Promote this fact on Twitter and Facebook and grow your list while you’re at it. I recently worked on this concept for one of my […]

Messaging Strategies: Two Approaches

I recently worked on a messaging project for a client who’s in an industry where everyone says the same thing. Part of the reason for the message’s “sameness” is due to legal and compliancy issues. But the other reason has to do with fear. When I thought about it, I realized this situation is no […]

When to Review Your Marketing Plan

Your marketing plan is just that: a plan. It’s fluid. It’s flexible. It’s a living and breathing document. At least, it should be. So how often should you review it? Ideally, every month. But I’m a realist and know many business owners can’t make that commitment. So aim for every quarter. 1. Review all activities […]