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How to Get Copywriting Clients: A Tutorial for New Copywriters

The most common question new copywriters ask me is how to get copywriting clients. And this question is followed quickly by whether the writer should focus on a niche. I’ve always been wishy-washy regarding the niche question for two reasons. First, I’ve been working as a freelance copywriter since 2002. I’m fortunate because I have […]

What is a Primary Source and a Secondary Source?

In my YouTube video on blog writing style, I talked about the importance of bringing in primary sources to enrich your blog posts (and other writing, like white papers). A viewer asked me if I had any tips on finding good primary sources. Before I answer that question, we need to take a step back […]

Copywriting Exercises for Beginners

Today, we’re going to talk about copywriting exercises for beginners. Many new copywriters will say to me, “I want to do this copywriting thing, but I’ve never written one single bit of copy. How can I practice? What are some good copywriting exercises I can do to develop my skills so that I can feel […]

Blog vs Email Newsletter: Which One Is Better?

One of my clients came to me about starting a quarterly email newsletter. I thought this was a great idea since the client wanted to use the newsletter as a way to stay in front of clients and colleagues, share recent work, and talk about relevant industry trends. The client is a small research company. […]

What is a Content Farm & Should You Work for One?

Today we have a philosophical question. It’s about content farms, also known as content mills: What is a content farm, and should you ever consider working for one? The short answer is like most things in life: It depends. I do have strong feelings about content farms, but I’m also only one person. And we […]

Where Do Copywriters Work?

Today’s question is relatively straightforward: Where do copywriters work? I like this question. Do you know why? Because my answer’s going to show the depth and breadth of this industry for both full-time copywriters (i.e., people who work for someone else) and freelance copywriters (like me) who work for a variety of clients. So let’s […]

What Does a Copywriter Portfolio Look Like? Tips for New Copywriters

When I first started out as a freelance copywriter in 2002, I carried around a three-ring binder that held samples of my copywriting. I also had a basic website, but someone else maintained it, so keeping it updated was challenging. Plus, not everyone was online back in those days. Many people, especially small business owners […]

Freelance Copywriter Invoice Template: Download Now!

If you’re looking for a freelance copywriter invoice template, you’ve come to the right place. In my video at the end of this article, I discuss what needs to go on your invoice. But feel free to skip it and simply download the goods instead. Note: These files should be fine, but I’m not responsible […]

How to Invoice as a Freelancer

Many of the things I address on my Ask the Copy Bitch YouTube channel have to do with the day-to-day running of your freelance copywriting business. And how to invoice as a freelancer is a biggie. It applies to most freelancers out there, not just writers. Don’t feel like reading? Watch the video. Otherwise, jump […]