Best Gifts for Writers: The 2023 Holiday Edition

Whether you’re holiday shopping or celebrating another occasion, you likely landed here because you’re searching for the best gifts for writers. Hi! I’m Robyn, aka the Copy Bitch. I‘ve been a freelance copywriter since 2002, and I moonlight as a fiction writer.

Below, I’m sharing some of the best gifts for writers based on real items that people have given me or that I’ve bought for myself.

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Best gifts for writers: You can never go wrong with books.

Writers read, full stop. The best writers read widely and deeply, and they tend to love books ABOUT writing. Here are my go-to suggestions whenever someone asks about what books they should give to writers.

Note: I’m willing to bet most copywriters are aspiring fiction writers. (Maybe not ALL, but most.) So the first two books below will help scratch that itch (but the wisdom in both can absolutely be applied to what we copywriters do, too). The third book is one ALL writers can benefit from reading.

Picture of three books: Bird by Bird; Eats, Shoots and Leaves; and On Writing

Bird by Bird: Some Instructions on Writing and Life by Anne Lamott 

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I received Bird by Bird back in 1994 from my then-boyfriend. The relationship didn’t survive, but the book sure did. Anne Lamott is one of my favorite nonfiction writers. I appreciate her wit, hippie vibe, and advice about the writing life.

Note: This book doesn’t teach you how to write. Plenty of other books exist about that. This book is a good companion to how-to books because it talks about very real things plaguing writers like embracing the “shitty” first draft. The book is geared toward creative writers, but many of the principles she discusses apply to other writing, including copywriting.

The book’s title refers to a moment from Lamott’s childhood when her brother waited until the last minute to write a report about birds. The little brother was crying and wondering how he would finish it because he had so many birds to write about. And Lamott’s father, also a writer, told the boy to take it one bird at a time. In other words, bird by bird. This is great advice for writers of all stripes facing a mountain of deadlines and other responsibilities. Tackle the list bird by bird.

On Writing: A Memoir of the Craft by Stephen King

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If you don’t like King, that’s OK, but don’t dismiss this book outright. Even if you’re not a Stephen King fan, we can still agree that he’s a successful writer (one of the most successful of all time) and obviously knows a thing or two about what goes into writing novels and making a living doing it.

This book has more writing instruction than Lamott’s, but this book is still more memoir than a “how-to book.”

Still, it’s a great one to gift writers. There’s so much wisdom and practical advice within.

Eats, Shoots and Leaves: The Zero Tolerance Approach to Punctuation by Lynn Truss

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Nothing makes a professional writer look like an amateur faster than sloppy grammar and punctuation. Yes, typos happen, but there’s no excuse for making the same mistakes repeatedly. So, here’s a fun book to read that will help you improve your punctuation skills.

What Happened in Granite Creek by Robyn Bradley (that’s me!)

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OK, shameless self-promotion. But if the writer on your list likes psychological suspense (think Gone Girl), consider giving them a copy of my novel.

Best gifts for writers: Word games are always fun.

Picture of three games: Bib Boggle, Trivial Pursuit Mini Packs, and Wordle Party Game

Big Boggle

I used to love playing this game as a kid. Mister Word Nerd’s mom found this game in her attic and gave it to us. We played it many times on our deck this past summer and had a ball. Here’s the Amazon affiliate link:

Trivial Pursuit Mini Packs

Our pack covers the 1980s, 1990s, 2000s, and 2010. We played during meal prep and dinner on the deck. Super fun! Here’s the Amazon affiliate link:


If the writer in your life is obsessed with Wordle, this game is for them! Here’s the Amazon affiliate link:

Best gifts for writers: A writer can never have too many mugs.

Most writers are either coffee fiends or tea aficionados (or both). Even if they’re not into tea or java, they should be drinking something, like water. Gotta stay hydrated for long stretches at the desk. So mugs are always welcome—and even more so when they’re witty and related to writing.

Here are a few of my faves. I own all three (see the pic below). The ones I’m linking to on Amazon aren’t exactly like mine, but they’re close.

Picture of three coffee mugs

Mug #1: Pay no attention to my browsing history. I’m a writer, not a serial killer.

Mug #2: What would you attempt to do if you knew you could not fail?

Mug #3: A giant cup of shut the f*** up

You can make a mug a complete gift by filling it with chocolate, tea, or coffee.

I love the following . . .

Picture of box of Yogi Bedtime Tea and package of Starbucks Sumatra Coffee

Yogi Bedtime Tea (which I drink whenever).

Starbucks Sumatra ground coffee.

Best gifts for writers: This & that

My best friend’s dad (hi, Mr. C!) was one of my advisors during grad school. He gifted me the shirt below after I finished writing my first novel. Here’s the Amazon affiliate link:

Picture of a gray tshirt that says "Careful, or you'll end up in my novel."

Mister Word Nerd made a custom sign for my home office with my name (in the same font and colors as my website logo) and “Est. 2002” to commemorate when I started my biz. This was the perfect gift since we’d just bought a house together. I don’t know where he got mine done, but I searched on Amazon, and you have options! Here’s an Amazon affiliate link:

Picture of a sign on a door that says "Robyn Bradley. E.T. Robbins Productions. Est. 2002."

Happy shopping! 🙂