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What Does a Website Copywriter Do?

I recently discussed what a copywriter does, but now let’s drill down into some categories: What does a website copywriter do? If you’d prefer watching a video, here you go. Otherwise, scroll past it for All. The. Words. First, what is website copywriting? Website copywriting is exactly as it sounds: You’re writing the words that […]

How to Brainstorm Content Ideas without Hurting Your Noggin

One of my specialties is coming up with ideas. I’m never at a loss, whether in my copywriting life or fiction-writing life. The problem is never a lack of ideas. It’s a lack of time to do something with all the ideas. (And, of course, not all ideas are good ideas. But that’s a subject […]

How to Write a Contact Us Page [Copywriter Tips]

A company’s “contact us” page should never be an afterthought or a place to simply dump phone numbers and a snail mail address. In this blog post, I’m going to discuss how to write a contact us page for your clients that will wow them—and actually work. And by “work,” I mean the page copy […]

Copywriter Websites: 5 Great Examples to Learn From

One of the most common questions new copywriters have is how to put together a website, including the all-important copywriting portfolio. My advice? Look at other copywriter websites for inspiration, which is exactly what we’re going to do in this blog post. Below, I’m including screenshots from five different copywriter websites. I’m not affiliated with […]

What Does a Copywriter Do Exactly?

What does a copywriter do exactly? Step right up. Below is my “tell it to me like I’m ten” explanation. Or if you prefer a video, here you go. What does a copywriter do exactly? Simply put, we provide the words that sell a product, a service, or a cause. Let’s illustrate this with an […]

How to Write a Great Bio for a Website

I recently discussed “About” page copywriting. Website bios are a big part of robust About pages. Often, brands will include bios for key people on the management team, and someone needs to pen those narratives, right? That brings us to the subject of this blog post: How to write a great bio for a website. […]

Mother’s Day Email Subject Line Examples [Tips for Copywriters]

For the last few weeks, I’ve been corralling all the Mother’s Day email subject lines that have entered my inbox. Even though the holiday is over as I write this blog post in late May 2023, I’m publishing this blog for two reasons. First, you can apply the tips to other holiday-related email campaigns. Second, […]

Copywriter vs Copy Editor: What’s the Difference?

If you’re new to Copywriting Land, you might be wondering what the difference is between a copywriter vs copy editor. I got you! But first, a disclaimer. For this post, I’m talking about copy editors who work for brands/companies rather than publishing houses or the media. While there’s overlap, a copy editor working for a […]