About Page Copywriting [Tips for Beginning Copywriters]

One of my favorite types of writing is “about” page copywriting. You’ve likely come across this on a brand’s website or a person’s website. Other words and phrases to describe this page include:

  • Our Story
  • Company Story
  • About Me
  • My Story

You get the idea. The reason I love it so much? Because of the storytelling nature of this page and because it’s (mostly) not marketing copy. You can have fun on a company story page. You can be clever. You can just take a breath and be REAL.

I’d argue you should always aim to be real in your copywriting. But not all businesses see it that way.

What are the main features of “about” page copywriting?

Remember, when it comes to copywriting, you must always think about who you’re writing for. So if a visitor to your website were to click over to your client’s “About Us” page, what do you think they’d want to know? The answer will vary depending on the business and industry. But you’ll want to make sure you’re covering what your audience is looking for.

At a minimum, you’ll likely want to talk about the organization’s history (for example, why was it founded?), the key people behind the business, and the company’s mission and values.

Is the “about” page just one page?

Not necessarily. The size of the site and the business itself will dictate your approach to this page. A solopreneur who’s been in business for five years might opt for a simple “My Story” page. A business that’s been around for fifty years and has offices throughout the world might opt for a more robust “Our Company” section that includes separate pages for things like . . .

  • History
  • Mission statement/values
  • Management Team
  • Careers

What are some examples of great b2c and b2b About page copywriting?

So glad you asked! Check out the video below where I walk through and discuss the “About” pages for various brands (including two that I wrote).

Here are the pages I cover:

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