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“Rent My Noggin” in the HOUSE

Back in 2010 or so, I offered this service called “Rent My Noggin.” It’s exactly as it sounds: people could rent my noggin for a brain-picking hour or two on anything related to writing, marketing, business strategy. I got some rentals, too. And I had a lot of fun doing it, and my noggin clients […]

Why Proofreading Matters

This was tucked in my door the other day. How many mistakes can you spot? Listen, I can appreciate that English is a hard language (it’s challenging for me at times!), but that’s even more reason to invest in a proofreader, especially for print materials. One “typo”? Meh — I might be willing to overlook […]

Email Marketing Tip Quickie

I’ve been writing email newsletters since I’ve been in business. But for some reason, I’ve overlooked this obvious and easy email marketing tip. So I thought I’d share. Send your email newsletter TWICE in one month. The first time should be to your regular list during your regular ship date. But then schedule it to […]

8 Company Newsletter Ideas to Try Out

Need some company newsletter ideas? Here are eight to consider. 1. Private Sale/Private Offering. Construct a newsletter around a special sale or offering that will be available to subscribers only. Promote this fact on Twitter and Facebook and grow your list while you’re at it. I recently worked on this concept for one of my […]

Messaging Strategies: Two Approaches

I recently worked on a messaging project for a client who’s in an industry where everyone says the same thing. Part of the reason for the message’s “sameness” is due to legal and compliancy issues. But the other reason has to do with fear. When I thought about it, I realized this situation is no […]