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Just Say No to Marketing Jargon

A fellow copywriter messaged me the other day. He said, “Good morning. I need another less cliched word for ‘industry-leading.’ Whatcha got? Now, you might wonder what the problem is with “industry-leading.” After all, if your company is the leader in its industry, why not say it? Well, let’s break that down. Why should industry-leading […]

“Rent My Noggin” in the HOUSE

Back in 2010 or so, I offered this service called “Rent My Noggin.” It’s exactly as it sounds: people could rent my noggin for a brain-picking hour or two on anything related to writing, marketing, business strategy. I got some rentals, too. And I had a lot of fun doing it, and my noggin clients […]

Why Proofreading Matters

This was tucked in my door the other day. How many mistakes can you spot? Listen, I can appreciate that English is a hard language (it’s challenging for me at times!), but that’s even more reason to invest in a proofreader, especially for print materials. One “typo”? Meh — I might be willing to overlook […]

Email Marketing Tip Quickie

I’ve been writing email newsletters since I’ve been in business. But for some reason, I’ve overlooked this obvious and easy email marketing tip. So I thought I’d share. Send your email newsletter TWICE in one month. The first time should be to your regular list during your regular ship date. But then schedule it to […]

8 Company Newsletter Ideas to Try Out

Need some company newsletter ideas? Here are eight to consider. 1. Private Sale/Private Offering. Construct a newsletter around a special sale or offering that will be available to subscribers only. Promote this fact on Twitter and Facebook and grow your list while you’re at it. I recently worked on this concept for one of my […]