Why is Copywriting Important?

Hello, writers! If you’ve landed here, you’re likely thinking about getting into copywriting or you’ve heard about this copywriting “thing.” And you’re probably like, What is copywriting? Why is copywriting important?

So let’s discuss! (If you prefer watching/listening, check out my video at the end.)

What is copywriting?

I’m all about keeping things simple. At its simplest, copywriting is any writing that sells a product, service, or a cause.

Copywriters are the folks who write the words that help sell a product, service, or a cause.

Synonyms include content writers and content marketers.

Oh, I can hear the cranky critics already! “No, Robyn. Content writers don’t sell. They’re about building engagement and enthusiasm!”

But here’s the thing: If a brand hires a content writer to build engagement, what’s the reason behind that? To simply have engaged people floating around? Or to have engaged people who will hopefully buy from the business?

It’s the latter.

And sure: Content writers might be focused more on (jargon alert!) top-of-the-funnel content. But those words the content writer creates are critical to the overall goal, which is to sell a product, service, or a cause.

Why is copywriting important?

As I like to say, content makes the business world go round. Businesses need words that will inspire people to take action.

They need the words on their

  • Website
  • Social media platforms
  • YouTube videos
  • Print ads
  • Radio and TV spots
  • Emails
  • Shopping cart messages if you’re in e-commerce
  • Invoice messaging
  • Sales letters
  • Brochures

And that’s just the beginning of a long list of content needs.

Not just any old words will do, either.

The words need to speak to the target audience.

The words need to be clear, yet compelling. Maybe a little fun. Maybe a little saucy. Maybe a little serious, depending on the brand.

The words need to be optimized for search.

Ultimately, words matter. How you say something affects other people, for better or worse. And how you say something one way might have one effect. Say it another way, and it will have another effect.

Sometimes swapping in a different word on the call-to-action button can have an amazing effect on the click-through rate. No one knows exactly why one word might work better than another . . . we just know that, through A/B testing, it does, and it can.

Bottom line: Copywriting is a critical component in a brand’s overall marketing strategy.

Why is copywriting important if AI like ChatGPT and Bard can do the same thing?

Ah, but can ChatGPT and Bard do copywriting well? And by “well,” I mean in a way that’s moving, engaging, and compelling.

I haven’t seen evidence (yet) that generative AI has achieved this ability. It can certainly write a term paper on the themes of Romeo & Juliet (and do so in a generic-sounding voice). But even with training, I haven’t seen AI capture a brand’s voice consistently (if at all, really). This could change, of course. And possibly quickly.

But I still think there’s a place for human copywriters.

I asked Bard about this the other day. Here’s what he wrote back . . .

Screenshot of an exchange between Robyn and Bard where she asked whether AI like Bard will make copywriters like her obsolete. Bard's short answer: no

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