Is Copywriting Still in Demand?

Have you been thinking about a career in copywriting but maybe you’re wondering “Is copywriting still in demand”? The short answer is: YES. Copywriting is still very much in demand. In fact, as I often say to new copywriters, there’s plenty of work for everyone—and then some.

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Is copywriting still in demand? Yes. But we need to discuss definitions to understand why.

Thirty years ago, copywriting had a much narrower definition. But thanks to the Internet, which birthed digital marketing, the word copywriting today is often used interchangeably with phrases like content marketing, marketing writing, content writing, or even freelance writing.

You’ll see discussions on other sites—including respected sites—that copywriting and content writing are two different things. I disagree. Because at the end of the day, both are ultimately trying to sell a product, service, or cause.

Sure, some of the content and/or copy being created is geared towards people at the “top of the sales funnel” when they’re just in the research phase and not ready to buy yet. But the ultimate goal is to nurture that person down the funnel (with great content or copy that engages them) until they become a customer.

And even then—customer retention is a whole other thing that involves more great copy/content. (Think about all the emails Netflix sends you. The content/copy is working to make sure you STAY a customer.)

I think when we try to parse differences between content writers and copywriters, we confuse the heck out of everyone (including the writers). I mean, if WE writers can’t agree on definitions, then how do we expect people who are looking for content help to know what they need?

Because clients DON’T know the differences between all the different types of writing I mentioned above. No, not even the marketing folks. They know they need a writer to write the content for their landing pages, their lead nurturing emails, their PPC ads, their white papers. I’ve never had a client or prospective client question whether I was the right “type” of writer (copywriter vs. content writer).

My point: Don’t get hung up on the terms, be flexible, and be prepared to use them interchangeably.

When I say copywriting, I mean all of the following (and then some):

  • Email copywriting
  • Direct mail copywriting
  • Content marketing
  • Marketing copy
  • Social media copywriting
  • Website copywriting
  • SEO copywriting
  • Scriptwriting (think videos or TV spots)
  • Radio advertising
  • Print advertising
  • Digital advertising

Think of copywriting as the big, generic umbrella term. And all those other terms fall under it.

So, is copywriting still in demand? YES. Why am I so sure? Read on.

I’m living proof. But beyond that, consider this: Content drives all business. Think of all the content you encounter throughout the day—content that’s trying to sell you something. It could be a radio spot, TV commercial, email promotion, website landing page, sponsored ad in your FB or IG feed, etc. Someone needs to write that content. Some organizations have their own writers on staff. Some organizations outsource to freelance copywriters (i.e., marketing writers, content writers). Some do a combo where they have a staff but outsource overflow work. There’s no shortage of copywriting work, either.

In fact, content marketing is a 400 billion-dollar industry. HubSpot reports that 70 percent of businesses actively invest in content marketing

Bottom line: Copywriting is still in demand.

And I don’t see it slowing down any time too soon. Yes, LOTs of advancements have been made with AI (artificial intelligence). And perhaps someday, machines will be able to produce copy with the same finesse as a good marketing writer. But I don’t see that happening tomorrow—or even the next decade. (Famous last words, right?)

Seriously, copywriting (content marketing, content writing, marketing writing) is a great field. Check out my blog post that answers “Is Copywriting for Me?” to learn more.

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