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Is It OK to End Sentences with Prepositions? Short Answer: Yes.

Q: Dear Copy Bitch: Is it okay to end sentences with prepositions?

A: The Copy Bitch says yes, especially if it sounds too clunky to rewrite it “correctly,” but grammar purists hate me for it. That’s when I pull out a quote (often attributed to Winston Churchill) to make my point: “Ending a sentence with a preposition is something up with which I will not put.”

The Difference Between “Hone” & to “Home in on Something”

Question: I think you made a mistake in my copy because you used the word “home,” and I think it should be “hone”: She knew exactly what area of the artwork to home in on.

Answer: The Copy Bitch is not above admitting to mistakes, but this isn’t one. The word hone is often misused in print and electronic media. When you “hone” your skills, you improve them. When you “home in on something,” you aim your attention to a direct target (think of a homing device). In this example, “she” knew what area of the artwork to direct her attention to. (And, yeah, it’s okay to end sentences with prepositions, too.)