Is Copywriting Hard? NOPE (Provided You Like to Write)

A question folks ask me: Is copywriting hard to do or hard to learn?

Well, if you hate writing, then copywriting will likely be hard to learn and to do. It will probably be painful as well.

I often tell folks that working as a copywriter means always having another term paper due. That’s what it feels like. And for some folks, that would be the WORST. THING. EVER. It would conjure bad memories of high school and writing term papers on mind-numbing subjects at 2 AM while hopped up on Red Bull.

But for someone like me?


Bottom line: If you enjoy writing, you’re decent at it, and you’re willing to learn, then no—copywriting isn’t “hard” to do. And it’s an absolutely learnable skill.

I’m living proof!

Ever since I was a kid, I wanted to be a fiction writer. I took a detour out of college and worked in radio where I learned about copywriting. I wrote promotional copy, liners, radio ads, etc.

In 2002, I started my freelance copywriting biz. The freelance aspect is perfect for me since it gives me plenty of flexibility to write fiction as well.

As for the copywriting part, I’m mostly self-taught. And I’m still learning because things change, like SEO best practices and email marketing best practices (just to name a few).

Are you thinking about getting into copywriting (also known as content marketing)? Do you need some resources?

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To recap: Is copywriting hard? NOPE. Check out my video below for more insights.