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Failed Marketing Expose: Make Your Free Content Truly Free

So this surprised me: one of the “big players” in marketing and copywriting has a really cool, short newsletter that comes out on Wednesdays. It’s filled with info that I would gladly provide a link to on this here blog, because it’s info business owners can implement right away. Today’s newsletter was no exception, so […]

Why I (Sometimes) Hate Writing Websites

This might sound weird coming from a copywriter, especially since I have a whole page devoted to my website copywriting clients. Especially since I’m knowledgeable about SEO copywriting (not all copywriters are). Especially since website writing tends to bring in the big bucks. (Reminder: SEO = search engine optimization.) But when the web project isn’t […]

“Make Your Mole Famous” – A Word on Compelling Headlines

So I just saw an interesting banner hanging over a heavily-traversed street in town: MAKE YOUR MOLE FAMOUS. Certainly got my attention. The first thing that flashed through my mind was Cindy Crawford’s mole and then the actual animal, even though I soon realized I don’t really know what a mole looks like. Anyhow, the headline was […]

Blog Content Question

Dear Copy Bitch: I met a chiropractor in my local BNI chapter who is looking to possibly launch a blog. I took a look at his website today, and it seems that he has used this special web provider for chiropractors: [name redacted]. This provider provides all sorts of content with automatic content updates and a […]

Antecedent Question

Dear Copy Bitch: Does this make sense and do the words in red refer to the client? They’re supposed to: “The first of the 2 or 3 sessions with the trainer is used to develop custom training plans, which are designed to show clients when they’re scheduled to train on their own during each 4-week cycle […]