Down & Dirty Content Brainstorm

As a small business owner . . . or a marketing manager . . . or a marketing firm . . .  sometimes you just need an infusion of fresh ideas that you or your team can run with. A content brainstorm that gets your heart pumping and your people excited to bring the ideas to life.

I’m talking effective, targeted, yet creative ideas for things like  . . .

  • Advertising campaigns
  • Article angles and titles
  • Blog post angles and titles
  • Company “About” pages
  • Email newsletters
  • Fun product descriptions
  • Headlines (print or digital)
  • Home page revisions
  • Messaging
  • Print ads
  • Radio spots
  • Social media
  • Special offers (guides, checklists, other downloads)
  • TV spots
  • Videos (YouTube, TikTok, etc.)
  • White papers

Maybe the ideas are for your own business. Or maybe (in the case of marketing firms) you need them for your clients.

And that’s all you need. IDEAS.

Smart ideas.

Targeted ideas.

Effective ideas.

But JUST ideas that you or your team can run with.

And you’re not looking to pay an arm or a leg (or any other body part for that matter) to get these ideas.

What you’re looking for is a talented person (like a copywriter) to brainstorm what you need for a reasonable price AND THAT’S IT.

We’re talking a person who can quickly understand your business and your goals.

A person who can GET CRACKIN’ and come up with lots of creative ideas ASAP.

Hi. I’m Robyn. And I’m the content brainstormer you’ve been looking for.

I’ve been working as a freelance copywriter since 2002. I know what makes for effective . . .

  • Advertising (digital, print, radio, TV)
  • Blog writing
  • Content marketing
  • Email marketing
  • Inbound marketing
  • SEO copywriting
  • Video scripting
  • Website writing

I LOVE brainstorming ideas for all of the above.

It comes easily to me. (And always has.)

Need 20 keyword-rich optimized blog titles that your own writers can run with? NO PROBLEM.

Looking for creative messaging ideas for your new website? I GOT YOU.

Want some easy-to-execute ideas for your blossoming YouTube channel? LET’S DO THIS.

How does a Down & Dirty Content Brainstorm work?

Here’s how it works . . .

  • You tell me the type of content brainstorm you need and any relevant details. (We’ll likely do a quick call where I’ll pepper you with questions.)
  • We determine collectively if I’m the right fit for what you need.
  • If yes, I’ll send you a quote.
  • If you like the quote and the plan, you’ll pay half up front (via PayPal or check).
  • Once the payment is received, I’ll go to my writing cave and brainstorm like nobody’s business.
  • I’ll deliver the brainstorming results to you. (No fancy reports or PowerPoints. Just the facts, ma’am. There’s a reason why it’s called a “Down & Dirty Content Brainstorm.”)
  • You pay the balance.


You’re free to use the content brainstorm however you want.

How will the “deliverable” look?

Can we all agree that the word “deliverable” is super annoying?

OK, so how I format your content brainstorming document will depend on what sort of content brainstorm you asked for.

For example, if you asked for 30 keyword-rich blog post titles based on a set of keyword phrases, I’ll likely put my titles in a simple Google spreadsheet.

If you ask for fresh messaging ideas for your home page, I’ll likely drop a bunch of options into a Google doc.

Remember, you’re getting a DOWN & DIRTY Content Brainstorm. Don’t expect fancy charts or PowerPoints.

You need real, effective, creative ideas.

That’s what I deliver.

How much does my Down & Dirty Content Brainstorm cost?

My Down & Dirty Content Brainstorm is meant to be QUICK, as in something I can complete, start to finish, FAST.

It’s also meant to be priced reasonably for YOU.

Of course, “reasonable” is subjective.

NOTE: I quote per brainstorming project. (I’ll provide a project quote, not an hourly rate.) This works better for everyone (including you!) since you’ll know exactly what it will cost.

Interested in my Down & Dirty Content Brainstorm?

Get in touch! Email me: Provide a little background on your organization, the type of content brainstorm you need, and any other relevant details.