Kick-Ass Marketing Writing. No Annoying Marketing Spin.

By now, you’re probably sensing that I’m not your typical marketing writer. I used to be. But that was long ago (2002) when I was a baby copywriter figuring things out.

Listen. The most effective writing takes risks. It’s honest. It digs deep. And I won’t lie: it’s an investment. But one worthy of your money and my time, provided that’s what you, your company, your product, or your service wants.

Not every business wants that sort of writing. But if yours does, I’d love to help.

“Robyn has an incredible way with words and understands the marketplace and how it links with your specific product/service. Besides being skilled at writing some of the best copy I’ve ever seen, she is dependable, very well organized and a stickler for results. You really feel like she is a partner in your marketing plan. Just simply the best!”

Rene PetrinPresident, Management Mentors

“Robyn is an outstanding copywriter and the best website writer I know. She has a gift for putting the right degree of sales spin on any subject. I always learn a lot when I work with her, beginning with my writing a column for a newsletter that she did a superb job of editing. In fact, I first met Robyn after I wrote a fan letter for one of her great newsletter articles.”

Susan WeinerFinancial Writer

“Robyn developed the written content for the launch of our website. We’re a technology company that works with small businesses – we wanted to communicate our technical expertise without engaging in “geek-speak”. Robyn artfully blended the authenticity and approachability we wanted to convey with a professional tone. We finally have a solid website that can grow as we do.”

Lise Stahl BrownNetworks Etc

“Robyn is one of that rare breed of service providers: knowledgeable, efficient, professional and the nicest person you could wish to deal with – and all at a reasonable cost.”

Derek PerkinsAudiobook Narrator

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