Direct Mail Copywriting/Sales Prospect Letter

Ahhh — this could be a whole section by itself. Many of us consider direct mail to be junk mail, until it matters to us or we need to do it for our own business. A good direct mail copywriter will make sure the receiver (the target audience) finds meaning in the message.

Mentor-Quest (PDF: 281 kB)

MentoringComplete (PDF: 173 kB)

ENoSIS Graphic Solutions (PDF: 137 kB)

Quinlan Publishing Group

Framingham State College (PDF: 323 kB)

Bay State Embroidery (PDF: 237 kB)

Ionix Studios

Ferris Handyman, Inc. (PDF: 91 kB)

Solicitation Letter for American Women in Radio and Television (PDF: 61 kB)

Welcome Letter for American Women in Radio and Television (PDF: 74 kB)

Coaching Letter to Marlboro Chamber of Commerce Members (PDF: 132 kB)

Coaching Letter to Small Business Owners — September Special (PDF: 116 kB)

BNI Visitor Day Letter (PDF: 59 kB)

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