Who the Hell is Robyn Bradley & Why is She Giving Away FREE Copywriting Tips?

Q: Who the heck are you anyway?

A: I’m a freelance copywriter outside of Boston, Mass. I’ve been in business since 2002, and writing has always been my passion. I’ve also been an adjunct college professor (taught a first-semester writing course at Massachusetts School of Law and a course in public speaking at Stonehill College) and a radio maven (morning show producer, promotions director, DJ for Magic 106.7). What else? I’m an autodidact (look it up) by nature. When I got the teaching gig, I re-learned all the grammar and punctuation rules I’d forgotten, misplaced, or ignored. I can now tell you what a gerund is (not that it will really help you in life) and how and when to use a semicolon (short answer: don’t). I’m a creative writer, first and foremost. Check out my author website to learn more. The freelancing affords me the time and mental space to work on my creative endeavors: short stories like this one, novels, personal essays, etc. (oh, yeah: I hold an MFA in Creative Writing from Lesley University).

Q: Why did you decide to launch the “Ask the Copy Bitch” blog?

A: It’s a paean (look it up) to Miss Snark’s blog (dear dog, do I miss that woman). Miss Snark was (and still is) an anonymous NYC literary agent who doled out tons of advice and a whole lotta laughs to writers like me on her blog. The blog went dark in May of 2007 (it’s still accessible; tons of useful info on there if you’re a novelist or nonfiction writer). No one knows who Miss Snark is (but I have theories). I decided to take things one step further by being perfectly transparent with my identity. The other reasons for launching the blog? I like helping business owners, marketers, students, and people in general. I answer questions all the time anyway…I might as well share my answers with more people.

Q: So you’ll answer any questions I ask about copywriting or marketing or something related?

A: Expertise in a certain area doesn’t require that you have all the answers; it requires that you know where to look for the answers (note: this is an example of correct semicolon usage). I’m not above saying, “Gee, I don’t know, but let me see if I can find out.” I’ll happily answer–for free–any questions that I can (and even more happily provide my opinions, which are always honest and sometimes fueled by sarcasm and wit). And I’ll search for the answers I don’t know (within reason, people…I need time to obsess about Mr. Clooney).

Q: How do I ask you a question?

A: Email me: robyn@etrobbins.com.

Q: How long does it take you to answer?

A: Depends on my work load, but my goal is to answer your question within a few business days.

Q: Why do you call yourself a bitch?

A: Because I can take a joke. It’s a joke. Right? RIGHT?

Q: Do you have a business website?

A: Sure do: www.etrobbins.com

Q: How long have you been in business?

A: Since August 2002. But I’ve been writing all my life.

Q: Your business name is E.T. Robbins Productions. Who the heck is E.T. Robbins?

A: It’s me. And it’s a long story. My company is a perfect example of the concept of “thinking things through” and what not to name your company. But it was 2002, a lifetime ago, and I’ve learned buckets and buckets since then. Here’s a newsletter from my archive that provides tips on naming products and services.

Q: Your tone is very conversational. You even swear sometimes. And poke fun at the people who ask you stuff.

A: You’re absolutely correct it’s conversational. You got a problem with that? And was there a fucking question in there, bucko? 🙂

Q: What if I disagree with your advice?

A: No one’s perfect.

Q: What if I implement your advice and FAIL?

A: I’m not responsible. No, seriously. Running a successful business involves experimenting, taking risks, and failing sometimes. I can’t and do not guarantee that my copywriting advice will work for everyone, every business, or every situation. Oh, and I’m not a lawyer, so don’t take anything I say as legal advice. Ever.

Q: What if you make a mistake, like write “your” when you mean “you’re”?

A: It probably means I was typing too fast and proofreading while drinking. Please point out my mistakes. I’m not perfect, and I’d rather fix them than have them out there.

Q: What the heck is that image at the top of your blog?

A: It’s supposed to be a quote balloon. Get it? (I’m a writer, not a designer.)

Q: You realize it could be construed as a phallic symbol, right?

A: Yes.

Q: I think I might love you. Are you single?

A: Betrothed to George C. But accepting applications for Plan B.

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  1. robynbradley
    robynbradley says:

    Ha! Thanks so much, Clare. You’ll find the email submission link at the top of the right-hand sidebar. Or you can subscribe via RSS, if that’s your thang. Welcome to the community!

  2. Rich Reilly
    Rich Reilly says:


    George Clooney, huh? Yeah, I like him, too…and I’m a heterosexual,uh, guy.

    Anyway Ole GC has come along way since the days when – like on “ER” – he couldn’t seem to kick his irritating bobbing-head doll habit. Certainly you noticed that, right.

    Flash forward to his tour de force role as Michael Clayton.
    The last scene…when he’s in the cab…his stare, his expression moves elegantly through just about every emotion he’s had to engage in the rest of the movie. It’s a brilliant sequence, one that punctuates a truly giant film.

    Cheers…and keep up the nice work,

  3. robynbradley
    robynbradley says:

    That’s one of the few GC films I haven’t seen yet (and it’s on my list!). He’s come a loooong way from “The Facts of Life,” too. 🙂

    Thanks for stopping by, Rich.

  4. fletchergraphics
    fletchergraphics says:

    Hi Bitch. I enjoyed your blog and will now be an occasional reader. As a freelance designer, I’ll need a sharp writer one of these days. I will contact you.


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