Copy & Marketing Tips: Three Tools You Can Use

Dear Copy Bitch: I really love all the tidbits of advice you’ve been giving on your blog. Here’s a “weird” question: name three “tools” you use in your business that the rest of us could use in ours.

–Sam, Framingham

Answer: Here are two tools I use a lot and one I recently discovered and am looking forward to using for the first time:

1. Color Cop: I learned about Color Cop from Constant Contact’s Zak Barron. I sometimes design newsletter templates for my email marketing clients, and this free, downloadable tool makes getting a color’s hex values (also known as RGB) an absolute breeze.

2. Visual Thesaurus: If you’re a visual person, then Visual Thesaurus is for you. What a great way to discover the perfect word for marketing copy, taglines, you name it.

3. Ask500People: Wouldn’t it be great if you could “test” your new logo or tagline on real people and get feedback? Now you can, and quite economically with Ask500People.

What are some of your favorite finds? Leave your answers in the comments section.

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